Why Bitcoin is Becoming Popular With Japanese Online Casinos

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency used to be just vague terms that most people don’t really know about or understand. The recent years, however, have seen a surge in its popularity. As more and more people have chosen to use it as a mode of payment in online transactions, it was only a matter of time before it is also used in online gambling platforms.

In Japan, online casinos are still deemed illegal which caused players to find for Japanese online casinos that are operating on foreign shores in order to play their favorite casino games. Considering how most would prefer to keep their online activities private and anonymous, the very nature of Bitcoin makes them the perfect payment method.

Bitcoin casino comparison hub Casino Akita has pros and cons of all online casinos in Japan that accept bitcoin. With more online casinos accepting cryptocurrency, it’s no wonder why Bitcoin is quite a popular method of payment among online casino players in Japan.

It’s private

Bitcoin, as in the case of other cryptocurrencies, is decentralized. No government or banking system controls it along with whatever transaction it is used for. This keeps the user’s details safe and private from anybody else. All you need is a cryptocurrency wallet to store your coins and this is all the information you need to provide when processing payments online. If you’re not keen on letting the rest of the world know of your online activities, this is the [perfect tool to use.

It’s cheaper

As far as fees go, Bitcoin offers the upper hand. Transaction fees for using cryptocurrency are generally very inconsequential, if not totally zero. After all, this is a decentralized unit and the payments aren’t being carried out using any banking system or other similar service. Bitcoin transactions are being logged in a ledger called the blockchain. Withdrawing an amount will generally involve a small fee but it’s fairly low compared to what other regular payment methods would involve.

It’s fast

Transaction duration tend to be quite minimal. Most banking systems will require 3-5 banking days to clear online transactions, although there has been an increasing number of providers that have shortened their processing time.

When you’re playing at an online casino, you’d want funds to be readily available when you make a deposit. With Bitcoin being entirely online, transactions are processed considerably faster compared to how long it would take for fiat currencies.

It comes with promotions and bonuses

In a bid to encourage more people to process online casino deposits using cryptocurrency, Japanese online casinos offer some really attractive promotions, bonuses and a whole host of perks. It’s common for online casinos to guarantee a 100% matchup of your Bitcoin deposit.

Most will also not just offer perks for the next few deposits that you will be making but will actually offer these bonuses for the entire time that you’ll be using Bitcoin when adding funds to your account.

It’s secure

Using Bitcoin to process a deposit will usually mean that the online casinos are no longer going to ask any of your personal information. All they will usually need is your username and the address to your cryptocurrency wallet. Privacy is a huge thing for all cryptocurrencies and online casinos respect that.

This is why if you’re using Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency to make a deposit and an online casino will insist on you providing other personal details, run as fast as you can. There’s no reason why they should need to know any more of your information and most likely are just fishing for more details.