Is it Safer Now to Play at Online Casinos?

There was a time when online casinos were considered a riskier option. When you were playing at a brick and mortar casinos, you are dealing with people face to face, can touch the chips, and easily exchange the chips for cash at the cashier counter.

But with how encryption is getting more and more advanced and harder to crack, certifications and licenses being a requirement to run, and more fast and secure money transfer services available, are online casinos still the riskier option? It looks like going out with a stack of cash isn’t the safest way to gamble anymore.


When you go to a traditional casino, you are completely visible to anyone in the casino. While I trust that the casino’s security will keep me safe within the casino, I will need to cash out and walk out with a good amount of money in my pocket.

People I played with, dealers and waitresses I tipped all saying their goodbyes as I walk out, maybe a few calling out my name.

That is a good way to be targeted by the people you wouldn’t want to know you’re carrying a couple of grand in your jacket pocket.

Online casinos give you the security and privacy of your own home. Most online casinos don’t even require you to give out your real name, giving another layer of security and anonymity. With your money safely in your casino wallet or withdrawn into your bank account, and you, never having to leave the safety of your home, you have nothing to worry about.

No Cash Transaction

Back when online casinos first popped into existence, it was a bit difficult to fund your account, much more when you need to withdraw your money. Now it’s as easy as just using a cryptocurrency wallet, online payment system, or credit card. Money doesn’t have to be physically present, so there is the added security of not having your money stolen. Unlike the potential risk of carrying a large sum when playing in brick and mortar casinos.

Military Grade Encryption

While not stated in most online casinos, unlike back in the earlier days of the industry, when the best encryption they could get is SSL, military-grade encryption, or at least what they used to utilize, is more available and affordable to the average business. There are many low quality online casinos out there, that’s where casino review portals such as Casinos Lijst can be helpful in deciding which online casino you should choose.

Hackers might still be able to find ways, but unlike the old days, it’s not as easy as it used to be. It is far more likely for you to get sucker-punched at a parking lot and get your winnings stolen than to be the target of some hacking group… There are bigger fish for them to catch out there.


It is very different from way back when it all started. Online casinos have become an established industry that offers sophisticated security and arguably better services compared to smaller brick and mortar casinos you can find out in the real world. We live in an age where you can transact and do business in the relative safety of your own home.