How to Win Big Playing Blackjack Online

Blackjack may be the most popular card game out there, aside from poker that is, and maybe baccarat. I find that when playing blackjack, you need to use a strategy that you would with poker while having the required intuition when playing baccarat. If you really want to make money playing blackjack online, you will need to prepare yourself mentally, emotionally, and financially. Only then can you know how to win big in online casino blackjack.


You might have seen it in the movies, or heard it in stories you’ve heard about “cheaters” who got their kneecaps crushed, but it’s more than just a plot to a movie or a rumor to keep cheaters at bay. Card counting is real, and it can easily be learned. You might think it’s cheating, but it’s just really frowned upon when done in brick and mortar casinos, which is why we don’t recommend you do it there.

Online casinos may be the only safe platform to count cards as you are in the safety of your own home. At the same time, these sites are confident with the Random Number Generator Algorithm.

While it may be less effective due to a few factors, I can say it still tilt the odds to your favor.


You have to let go – of your money. I am not saying to lose it all purposely. But just know that you should only put in an amount that you feel comfortable losing. This is not just because of the uncertainty of gambling itself. But also to prepare you to take the risk and know when to fold. If the probability and odds are against you, let go of the money you put in and just fold. Know when to retreat to fight another round.


Two things, first only use capital that you can lose, second, risk only a portion of your winnings. We’ve touched the first part with emotionally preparing yourself. But to clarify, it’s not money you’re prepared to lose at that moment. It’s money you are prepared to lose PERIOD. When you lose the capital you brought in, make sure it did not put a dent in your overall financial health, stop playing and walk away to regroup for another day.

If you are doing well and win, use only a percentage of your winning, 20%, or any number you are comfortable with but never 100%. If you do this, you will allow yourself to at most win big, in the middle ground win, or at the very least stretch your time playing and not completely losing everything in the end.

 Final Words

Any game that involves gambling will never assure you an overall win. Still, through applying this general strategy you may be able to beat the odds or, at the very least, do well compared to the average player. Each strategy must be tailor-fit for each player to be truly effective, which is why this is more of a foundation to build your own strategy on.