How to Play Online Blackjack and Actually Win

Blackjack is a straightforward game once you get to know the rules and play a few rounds. Winning, though, is a whole different thing. With how luck is heavily involved in the game, there is no guarantee that you will always have a winning hand. You might think that probability and card counting could help you tip the odds, even by a little bit, to your favor.

Unfortunately, with how online casinos work, and some randomly reshuffling their digital shoe, you will not be able to utilize card counting effectively, if not, not at all. The only way to truly win in online blackjack is by following simple money rules, and a consistent strategy.

Money Management

This is an essential thing when it comes to gambling, given that money is the only way you will be able to play a game. Without proper management of money, you’ve already lost. In blackjack, you can never go all-in unless if you are 100% just gambling, without caring whether you win or not.

Your goal is to make enough winning bets to offset the losing bets and make a little money, so your best solution is by only risking a small percentage of your budget.

Only the Amount You Can Risk

 Trust me when I tell you not to bring your entire month’s salary to a casino, I’ve done many-kilometer walks from the casino to my house in the past. Online Casinos give you the convenience to be home while risking your money, but even if you are already home, I cannot recommend the whole bank. After everything is paid for, food is bought, and savings put in, take a look at what you have left. Now take half of that and risk that. You’ll thank me one day.

Gamble Only a Fraction Per Hand

I recommend 2% to 10% of your total capital. You make do with the hand dealt to with you, but sometimes that’s not good enough, so don’t risk it all on that hand. If you are the type that likes doing Splits or doubling down, stick to 2% to start. The more opportunities you have to play, the more chances you have a good hand to double down on.

Hide a Percentage of your Winnings

If you have a buddy or someone you can trust with your money, every time you win, take 10-20% of your winnings and give it to your friend for safekeeping.

Tell them to cash out the chips every time, and make him promise not to provide you money if you run out. This is the secret to winning overall. When you are playing blackjack through an online casino, it would be best to practice self-discipline and calculate how much you are not allowed to use for gambling.

What It Means To Win

There is only one best way to win in gambling, but since that involves not playing, we will settle with the second-best. To actually win is to win overall, applying money management in any strategy allows you to lose less, or even win big in the end. Most people keep on gambling and finally get their big win, only to calculate that they only got a portion of what they overall put in back. Win by managing your risks and adding up the small victories.