Guide to Online Casinos Card Games

Card games may be the only kind of casino game where you can have some control over its outcome. Online casinos have all the card games that you can find at a brick and mortar casino. Besides learning the ropes when it comes to playing online, such as the online casino’s user interface and layout, there is little to no difference online from playing at regular casinos.

In fact, aside from the charm of playing with other people and the free drinks, you may even feel that it is much preferable to play card games virtually. Here is a little guide to online casinos and card games.

Live Dealers

Before we begin talking about online card games, you may be interested in knowing that other than computer dealing cards, you can also get a real live human dealer experience. It’s like going on a video call with your card dealer where you can see the table and the dealer with one camera angle and your card on another camera feed.

It’s a great experience. And, you can ask your online casino’s customer service representative if they have this service if you can’t find it on their page.

Online Card Games

Online card games deliver the best experience, you could even say due to certain features like playing multiple tables at the same time, it might be better than playing in real life. There are a variety of card games you can choose from, and you can opt to play with other players, or just solo a table.

Video Poker

You might know video poker from your last trip to Vegas. It’s like regular poker except you play with a machine. With scatter and wild symbols along with bonus rounds, this game gives you an experience that regular poker can’t. 


If you used Facebook in the last few years, you might remember how poker became popular. The graphics may differ, but if you played Zynga’s Poker game before, it’s quite similar. Here several people from all over the world can join a table with minimum and maximum bets, just like the real thing.


Baccarat is an ancient card game. It has several varieties, and online casinos offer all. Of course, the more popular baccarat tends to be Punto banco, from what I have observed. But you may be able to find your preferred version online quite easily.


Yes, blackjack, one of the most famous games out there aside from poker. Don’t expect your card counting strategy to work against the online casinos A.I. and Random Number Generator Algorithm. Simple enough closest to 21 wins, play alone, or with other people.

Other Surprises

You may be able to find some exotic card games you would only normally find on holiday abroad in some casino resort where people don’t speak your own tongue. Allow yourself to explore new and exciting games with low risks, simple mechanics, and exciting rewards. Online casinos allow you to experience more than any brick and mortar casino could on holiday.