The global energy elite meets in Berlin to shape concepts for an intelligent transition towards renewable energy

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Thank you very much for attendance of the International Conference “Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue – towards a global Energiewende” on 26-27 March 2015 in Berlin and for taking the opportunity to exchange views with us on the Energiewende.

Please find the presentations of the speakers at the Agenda, and press material at the Press. We will update these pages as soon as the material is available.


The German Federal Foreign Minister Dr Frank-Walter Steinmeier © AA/photothek Thomas Köhler
The German Federal Foreign Minister
Dr Frank-Walter Steinmeier
© AA/photothek Thomas Köhler


At the start of the 21st century, the world faces a myriad of challenges and new opportunities. Many of them relate directly or indirectly to energy. International networking and innovation in the renewable sector enables people in more and more regions of the world to partake in industrial growth in a sustainable manner. This growth however can only be ensured with a reliable and cost-effective supply of affordable renewable energy. Climate change and the scarcity of resources make it clear that sustainable ways have to be found to cover the growing demand for energy.

Around the world, many countries have already initiated energy programmes with the goal of expanding the share of regenerative energy sources and increasing energy efficiency. With the Energiewende, or energy transition, Germany has set ambitious targets. But the challenges we face in the process are global, for the journey to the future of sustainable energy can only be travelled in close international cooperation.

Germany’s Federal Government is initiating an international dialogue to tackle these challenges on an industrial and system-wide scale. As a pivotal international summit on new energy policy, this conference will provide an excellent platform to meet and share your experience with the most important energy sector decision makers from all over the world. It will stimulate a dialogue that will help us learn from proven solutions and best practices worldwide.